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The IuT Group is now a member of

The IUT Group has merged with DP CleanTech Group and together the Group offers the most comprehensive, proven and advanced range of high performing waste-to-energy and waste management technologies available in the world. For more information on DP CleanTech click here.


The IUT Group


The IUT Group is a group of high-performing companies committed to the design, construction and operation of waste management facilities.


The IUT Group is a partner in the design, construction and operation of

  • sorting and treatment plants for all types of solid waste
  • digestion plants for organic waste or extracted organic waste fractions
  • state-of-the-art controlled landfills
  • degasification systems for existing landfills


The IUT Group is a partner in the reclamation of

disused landfills and contaminated sites, in cleaning up and recovering such areas for residential use, and in creating new landfill space.


Drawing on the engineering and organisational skills of its staff as well as on its profound understanding of the clients’ local environment, the IUT Group is able to offer the best ecological and economic solutions to the waste problem.


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As an environmental technology service company we are operating in a highly sensitive environment. Natural resources are limited and their sustainable use is one of the obligations we have towards future generations.

This requires on our part a clear commitment to the environment, to our customers and to our staff. The IUT Group enterprises world-wide boast a strong tradition in corporate culture. This culture is centred on customer and staff satisfaction and is manifested in clear principles:


Corporate mission

We promote progress through innovative solutions that inspire – forever committed to serving our clients and nature.

“Our innovative strength is the driver of your success”.


Corporate vision

The IUT Group is a group of companies that attains technological leadership in each of its business segments world-wide.


“Our standards for your individuality”.


Corporate culture


Whatever we do, we make sure we preserve adequate scope for corporate decision-making.

 Focused on innovation

For us, innovation paves the way and builds bridges into the future; it is in this spirit that we look forward as we develop the business and technical solutions.

 Building on partnership and mutual trust

Our actions are guided by a sense of mutual obligation, friendliness and integrity. We cultivate our relationships with clients and business associates for mutual sustainable benefit. Our corporation culture fosters trust.

 “Our openness offers you flexibility”

In project implementation, we strive to improve the quality and reduce the costs of waste management processes. This corporate philosophy will secure the company’s long-term growth and augment its value. Our strengths are our power of innovation and the rapid pace at which we implement legal and economic requirements in our designs and meet each client’s individual needs






The IUT story


The founding of The IUT Group goes back to the years 1975 to 1985 when the founder Reinhard Goeschl came in contact with waste management. After education and first experience in Middle East (Kuwait) he was responsible for the construction of hazardous waste incineration plants in former Czechoslovakia and the UdSSR.

The project management for the first and largest fluidized bed boiler in Austria brought Mr. Goeschl in contact with the paper industry and the recycling business.


The job to find more waste paper created the “separate collection” of waste fraction in households, first time worldwide tested in a pilot program in Ravensburg/D which he developed together with a man from the glass recycling business. This separate collection boosted from 1984 on in Germany, later Europe and the whole world. A new way to get recycling parts out of the waste stream and a new responsibility of every household for recycling and environment was created.


Mr. Goeschl founded in October 1985 his own consulting company to support the separate collection. Many projects in Germany created the business for the new company. But also the first project in Austria in 1985 for separate collection and treatment of this waste was a land mark in the new waste management. Mr. Goeschl was the founder of this project, the designer and investor and also the managing director of the first PPP Company in this business worldwide.


The company expanded with subsidiaries in Germany, France, Czech Republic, Korea and Canada and developed in this time very innovative and effective new machines and processes for the waste treatment. The Ballistic sorter, the registration of each collection within the collection car, new composting systems, a treatment of the waste fraction in according their physical properties (Splitting system) with the production of RDF (Refuse Derivate Fuel) had their roots in The IUT Group. A very prospective development was the landfill mining system together with the SMELL WELL System, which allows the successful change of a former old dump to a new land area for real estate. The IUT Group is worldwide leader with this technology and has the experience of successful done projects in many different countries.


The development of an effective anaerobe digesting system (ADOS process) out of practical operation of one of the running plants in Austria gave The IUT Group the technology leadership for the production of renewable energy out of MSW and other industrial and commercial organic waste.


Today The IUT Group is engaged in the design and construction of different waste treatment plants; the remediation of old landfills but also in development of investment projects and the operation of such projects. Basic of all projects is the technology which was developed by The IUT Group over the last 30 years and operated successfully in many plants. The IUT Group is open for new technology as long it is proven and safe to implement in the existing technology.


Our experience is the guarantee for the investor and operator to get a waste treatment plant without risks!






The IUT group companies


IUT GmbH - Innovation.Umwelt.Technologie.

Dr. Theodor Körner Strasse 470, A 2823 Pitten / Austria

T: +43 2627 83 111




IUT Czech spol. s r.o.

Lešetin II, č.p. 337, 760 01 Zlín / Czech Republic

T: +420 5 77 210 218; F: +420 5 77 210 223




IUT Inovatie & Tehnica SRL

George Cosbuc Str., No. 1

Timişoara 300048 / Romania

T / F.: +40 256 220 555