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The IuT Group is now a member of

“Drawing on the engineering and organisaional skills of it´s staff as well as on its profound understanding in the client´s local enviroment, The IUT Group is able to offer the best ecological and economical solutions to the waste problem. ”


Technology services


Delivery and installation of IUT technology

Over the years The IUT Group has developed some technologies and machinery on their own. They offer the manufacturing, delivery and installation of such machinery, including:



  • ADOSMill

  • Smell WeSystem


​ OP







Design of all available technologies

The IUT Group offers different design stages for their clients:

  • Preliminary designs and cost estimations for feasibility studies and business plans
  • Basic designs for tender documents and technical specifications
  • Detailed designs for execution of works and further procurement assistance


Procurement assistance

The IUT Group assists their clients during procurement in several stages.

  • In combination with basic designs they offer the preparation of tender documents and technical specification, and the review and objective comparison of the incoming tender offers. Subsequently this can lead to supervising the contractors during the installation of the facility.
  • Further they support clients who intend to participate on a tender by doing the basic designs and cost estimation, technical descriptions and any other documents necessary.
  • During the execution stage of a project The IUT Group prepares detailed designs for all mechanical and electrical parts, prepare the necessary procurement specifications, obtain quotations, compare offers and technology, and do final negotiations on behalf or together with the client. Further they organise transportation and manage and supervise the suppliers’ installation works on site.


Installation & start-up supervision

Additional to design and procurement The IUT Group also offers to supervise the mechanical and electrical installation of plants and landfill constructions, followed by the supervision of testing & commissioning and start-up procedures. They also support their clients in managing or supervising landfill aerations, remediation projects and constructions.


Operation supervision, monitoring and technical support

To operators of existing solid waste treatment facilities and landfills The IUT Group offers technical and management support and monitoring services. Especially more complex technologies like Biogas plants often require supervision, mostly in the first years of operation. Monitoring operations also gives the owners a regular independent report on the status of the plant and the operation, technically as well as financially. Further it highlights possible problems before they occur and can therefore prevent unnecessary down times and profit loss.


Technical Due Diligence

Technical due diligences provide an independent, third party assessment of the science and technology associated with potential acquisitions and existing facilities.

The IUT Group offers this service to objectively evaluate any existing solid waste management treatment facilities and landfills for operators or potential future investors. It includes a physical status inspection, detailed survey of the existing technology, both mobile and fixed. Further it determines if those assets are able to perform as per the designed specifications and the client’s expectation or not. It also indicates necessary steps and investments for improvement including budgetary cost estimations for the same. Finally, a rough OPEX estimation enables the client to do a full feasibility study on his own or by the help of his financial consultant.


Technical due diligence is often done in conjunction with an operation audit. (link to operation audit page)


Improvement studies, strategies and refurbishment designs

Existing plants unfortunately sometimes don’t fulfil the client’s expectation or the capacity requirements. Therefore, those plants would need refurbishment to make them run efficient again.

As The IUT Group has many years of experience with different technologies of solid waste treatment facilities they offer clients to conduct studies on how to adapt existing facilities to archive their targets. Often combined with a technical due diligence and/or operation audits the IUT Group then provide technical solutions or suggest changes within the operation. Subsequently they can also do the necessary design works, cost estimations, feasibility studies and support the clients in the procurement and installation of those refurbishment works


Waste Audits

The composition of certain wastes is very similar to a society’s fingerprint. It can not only tell us about it’s shopping, eating and littering habits but also about the economical situation of the area, it’s culture and if awareness or recycling programs are in place and work or not. Further and more importantly it is to know the waste’s contents when preparing economical and technical studies for future investments, to decide on the type of treatment and size of facilities, and to calculate expected revenue streams.

In running operations standard waste audits should be conducted regularly to monitor the incoming waste quality as well as output fractions’ qualities, to ensure those are as per the design’s parameter and can be used in further recycling processes.

Waste audits are usually done on the client’s premises. The IUT group offers waste audits for all kinds of solid wastes except hazardous waste.


Operation Audit

The operational audits offered by The IUT Group are systematic reviews of effectiveness, efficiency and economy of a solid waste management facility or landfill operation in order to assess whether it is meeting the KPIs or improvements are required. This includes all aspects of the operation such as operation, maintenance, store and sales but excludes administration.

The final report shall state the current situation plus recommendations for improvements and a budgetary cost estimation for the same.

Operational audits may be carried out in conjunction with a technical due diligence (link to technical due diligence page) process.


Waste management studies, concepts & strategies

Waste management has become a complex area, legally, technically and commercially. It should not only cover correct disposal but also how to reuse, reduce and recycle to minimise one’s waste generation, all within the legal regulations.

Different kinds of waste require different solutions. Therefore, many cannot rely on the public waste collection services but need to ensure the correct disposal by identifying and contracting one or more reputable, licensed and specialised companies for the disposal of their waste according to local regulations.

The IUT Group helps its clients to develop waste management concepts and strategies for their organisation, community or governing area and to find suitable and reliable service providers. We help clients understand and minimize the risk associated with their waste management strategies and programmes. Further does The IUT Group also support their clients during the implementations of their strategies.


Besides full waste management strategies The IUT Group also supports their clients in preparation of solution proposals for single waste streams, contaminated soil or other environmental issues, including cost estimations if required.


Investment studies and business plans

Either separately or in conjunction with other services like Operation audits (link to operation audit), improvement studies (link to improvement studies) or designs (link to designs) The IUT Group offers their Clients to conduct feasibility studies and prepare business plans for their future investments.


Landfill gas surveys

Landfill gas surveys study are necessary the determine potential gas volumes and qualities, in order to prepare feasibility studies of a future investment in a landfill gas system.


Landfill remediation studies

Landfill remediation studies are the basis for a feasibility study and/or business plan for any landfill remediation project. They determine the following:

  • Is a remediation technically possible?
  • Estimation of the contents of a landfill and their reuse possibilities
  • Estimation of the gas production and recommending necessary aeration technologies
  • Preliminary remediation design
  • Cost estimation of a landfill remediation project


Project management

The IUT group offers to represent their Clients on site and/or manage their project for them.